A happy bad economy story

I’m often complaining about American economics and economic perception and the way we understand “the American dream.”  You know, everyone who believes we live in a free-market society and that Obama’s legislation or unions are going to usher in a frozen era of socialism when in fact the economy is tightly regulated already (oh and in the medical field via intellectual property laws the government hands over monopolies to certain drug corporations…to say nothing of the powers a few insurance companies have to set prices for specific procedures and operations regardless of demand, but I digress).

Despite the misunderstandings and the influence of lobbies, every now and then there are incredible heart-warming victories.  One such victory is a small wing joint in Omaha, Nebraska.  The owner was a man who had worked for ConAgra a long time and was laid off during the beginning of the economic collapse (sorry, recession).  Rather than taking the safe route, he put his faith in Americans’ deep love of buffalo wings and LCD television screens and pursued a business plan for a restaurant.  This past week, after having been laid off because of the economy, he opened the restaurant, employed an incredibly large staff of people struggling to find work during this time-period and opened to huge crowds.  They are turning a profit and for today my heart is warmed by the dogged pursuit of the American dream.


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