In anticipation of Dr. Steve Ponder’s workshop

I attending Dr. Steve Ponder’s “Sugar Surfing” workshop tomorrow.  At the workshop, he is supposed to present a new, controversial, according to my doctor who encourage me to attend, method of controlling diabetes using the cgm.  In anticipation of the workshop, I read up on Dr. Ponder’s general research and theories.  He makes some interesting statements.  He says that there is a very small group of diabetics who have lived with the disease fifty years without complications.  His hypothesis is that this group has retained its ability to make beta cells despite the war waged against the pancreas by the immune system.  He opines that maybe beta cells have some protective qualities that prevent complications and that they are effective independently of bloodsugar control.  He suggests that maybe a cure could come from evening out that balance in those patients by suppressing the immune system some.  One interesting point, although it isn’t clear how it’s related to the rest of this, is that diabetics who go 17 years without blindness rarely develop any worsening in their eyes.  I have hit 18 years so I guess that’s good news.  At the same time, reading how few people make it out of this disease without complications is a little bit depressing.



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