t1 life hacks

Okay, I’m linking up for diabetes blog week.  What a fun way to connect and share posts about diabetes.  Today the topic is “diabetes life hacks,” which are basically supposed to be non-medical tips & tricks for handling a life with diabetes.

My immediate thought is that I have no life hacks, but that must not be true.  Things that are natural to me I wouldn’t even think of as hacks.  Anyway, in no particular order:

Professionalism/clothing: Sometimes it can be hard to be diabetic and professional at the same time.  How to wear a suit?  What do I do when I’m in court and my bloodsugar starts dropping?  How to handle the business lunch or interview where I can feel my bloodsugar skyrocketing but I’m not sure how to get away?  I don’t have answers to all of this, but here are a few times where I won rather than lost:

1. My top clothing victory was probably my wedding dress.  As you can see, I had the lovely woman doing my alterations sew a pocket into the side of the dress for my insulin pump, which made everything accessible throughout the wedding, which was key.Image



2. I try to wear pants suits to business lunches and meetings rather than my typical dress suits.  I know that you can buy devices that allow you to wirelessly program your pump through your clothes, but I just want things to be simple and easy in business situations, so I opt for the pants suit and throw the pump into my pocket.

3.  When I’m wearing a dress or dress suit, I press the pump up flush against my boob and leave it in my bra.  I always make sure to turn the end where it connects to the tube closer up to my neck so that it won’t look like a nipple if the pump somehow moves around.  Yikes.

4.  When I’m running, I like to keep my insulin pump in a SPI belt.  This keeps it from bouncing around and the CGM works easily through the belt and there’s plenty of space for glucose tabs as well.

Inserting the pump/CGM:

1. For awhile I was tensing up while inserting and having difficulties as a result of it.  When my husband first suggested that I let him insert my pump and CGM I flatly refused.  But, after an episode of him chasing me around the bathroom, I finally relented and let him try it once.  Okay, so much easier/less painful.

Everything else:

1. Marry a great guy.




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