t1 snapshots

Another link-up with diabetes blog week.  Today’s topic is just snapshots from life with diabetes, a shout-out to the diabetes 365 project.  The photo I sent in for the 365 project is actually the photo that I snapped yesterday of my insulin pump and my wedding dress.  To avoid repeating, though, I have some everyday photos  from this week of my supply closet (a bit empty right now, supplies (and bill, ugh) are en route from Medtronic!)), my meter, a text after a run earlier this week, and then some photos from last year’s Tour de Cure.  A few days back the topic involved dealing with the inevitable mental blues of diabetes.  I’ve always been a fighter.  My answer to that is to try to fight for what I really want in the only way I know how – – fundraising for a cure.  A bit of an awkward task for sure, but it’s how I fight off the hopelessness.   In my last post, I mentioned the top “life hack” for dealing with diabetes is marrying a great guy.  As anyone who follow this blog knows, my husband, A, is battling leukemia.  As part of that, he’s developed avascular necrosis, which is very intense hip pain.  He’ll undergo hip replacements for both hips to end the pain, but he can’t have that surgery until he finishes chemo, which won’t be for another six months.  In the meantime, while on chemo, and battling cancer and hip replacements, he is going to ride in Houston’s Tour de Cure with me this year.  His page is here.  Help support us in our fight for the cure! Image48097_10100249330711082_188718576_n ImageImage

photophoto (1)


4 thoughts on “t1 snapshots

  1. Oh wow, very inspirational, but so very sorry to hear about the troubles your husband is having.

    I do have to give you a big GO RED RIDER – as a former Red Rider last year. I was actually supposed to ride Houston but it got rained out. I did manage SA and DFW though. If you see Lew Alexander in your TdC say hi from me! 🙂

  2. Haha, thanks everyone! He got on his bike for our first training ride with bad hips, he calls the bad hips, “the hipsters.” We managed to get five miles in before he was in too much pain, so we’ll see where we are by September!

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