Sweet Minteas: My favorite summer drink

I’d been wanting to write something deep, but I think after my sister’s wedding and my fabulous vacation with A, I need to lay off layering on the sap for awhile.

I want to introduce you to my new favorite summer drink, inspired by, but not quite similar to, the Mintaid drink at Local Foods.  This drink is essentially an Arnold-Palmer with mint leaves and raspberries.  It’s the easiest thing ever and it’s wonderful.  This drink has gone a long way toward curing my cravings for summer beer and mimosas!  I affectionately call them my sweet minteas.

Sweet Minteas Steps:

1. I like to make the drink in a large beverage dispenser, like any of these at Target or anywhere really.  Every place has one of these.

2. Begin by boiling water in whatever water boiler you have.

3. Fill up the beverage container halfway with the water and put tea bags in the water to make tea.  I’m usually boring and stick with classic Lipton’s, because I add raspberries and mint, but if you want to make the drink without raspberries and mint, you could certainly try a more interesting tea.

4. Fill up most of the rest of the way with low-cal lemonade.

5. Add lots of mint leaves and raspberries.

6. Test it out and make sure it isn’t too sour, tangy, anything.  Add other fruit/sugar depending on the taste/calories you want to add.

7. Put it in the fridge to chill.

(8. In my case, transport to pool in cute tumblr).


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