Sterling Winery, Napa Valley

Sterling Winery, Napa Valley

– I’ll update more on our California trip when I’m not out here enjoying it, but we loved Napa yesterday. Neither of us drank too much (#becausecancer) but we loved the views and enjoyed a little wine and cheese.

– I am almost done with my speech for my sister’s wedding. I have something down finally, but it doesn’t quite have enough meaning yet. A says it’s pretty good right now, but needs some more work to be great. This is big news because the first three drafts got only an “OK” rating.

– I was worried about the fact that we didn’t plan tons of activities in advance, but A is much happier this way because I’m stressing about getting from one place to the next. We are definitely relaxed. I wish this week could continue forever!




Today, as I was writing a massive check to MD Anderson–I mean half of my monthly salary massive–it was nice to remember how small that check really is in the context of the universe. Sometimes it’s nice to remember how small my problems are in the context of the universe, even if, at times, they seem to be my entire universe.

Since Age 9…


I’ve made the same wish at each birthday. But, you can’t just wish for things, you have to help make them happen. That’s why I just joined a new clinical trial to help experiment with artificial pancreas technology & why being awkward and shamelessly trying to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. I’ve been blessed with the help of so many angels. Click here to support some really freaking promising research.

Freezing a moment

Freezing a moment

My friend’s wedding pictures came in today. They were so beautiful, full of fun and smiles. IN the middle of all the pictures, I found this little gem. What I like about it is that we’re in the middle of song, floor, and world that are moving, but we’re stopped. We took a tiny moment out of the world and froze it. I’m so glad that we did. This was the last dance, the last week of the freedom before A’s piercing hip pain set in.