Summer Goals

Now that K’s wedding is over and I’m home, I have the entire summer with no major plans, vacations, or interruptions.  This week, my goal is to put my life back together, get unpacked, make up my growing sleep deficit…but after that the summer is wide open and mine for the taking.

I’ve come up with a few random goals to start the list, but I’d love to hear any thoughts anyone else has.  What are your summer goals?  What are your fun hobbies?  What should I get into next?

Here’s my little list so far:

1. Eat healthier, no really.

I’ve had this goal for awhile in theory, but I thought I would be fine if I just ate normal amounts at meals, cooked at home, and avoided too many processed foods and snacks.  That hasn’t been enough for me to have any real results.  It might be enough for most people – – we’re all different – – but I know that I’m working with a low metabolism and am borderline/inching toward a low thyroid disorder.  I had been using the thyroid thing as an excuse for awhile, but I also realized that I think I’m eating pretty healthfully when I’m really not.  I strongly believe in making diet changes slowly and know I’ll never be successful just cutting everything out, so my goal right now is to have lunch just be fruits and vegetables and to try to be more fruit & veggie heavy at dinner.

2. Re-establish/maintain my work-out routine & train for Tour de Cure

Prior to my trip (and being sick just before that), I had gotten into a solid routine of working out almost everyday.  Mondays and Wednesdays I ran, Tuesdays and Thursdays I did hot yoga, Sunday was spin class, and Fridays and Saturdays were either a break or my choice.  Saturdays frequently involved something outside with A and going to hot yoga.  Fridays were frequently breaks or a run.  I want to be close to this routine, but I need to mix things up a little bit in order to get enough outdoor bike rides in to be ready for Tour de Cure in September.  I’ve decided that my Tour de Cure distance goal is 47 miles, so that is going to take some serious training.  I need to establish a solid plan for that.

3. Remove framelessness from the apartment

I have so many things that need frames — law licenses, wedding photos, artwork.  I want to figure out what I want to do with my wedding pictures and finish framing everything that is currently without a frame.

… ? ? ?


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